Hands on Lifts 

Our sister company Hands on Lifts has over 20 years of experience installing elevators of high quality for residential, commercial and industrial purposes - from vertical platform lifts, home lifts and passenger lifts to goods hoists and dumbwaiters. Hands on Lifts adheres to the SANS-1545.

New Installations

Hands on Lifts' new installations offering involves the supply and installation of a new elevator to meet your requirements or needs. The process involves doing an in-depth analysis of your project which could include a site visit or analysis of drawings which is then followed by a quotation. Once we have agreed upon a quotation we will place the order for your product. Once we receive your product and your site is ready for installation we will deliver the product to site and begin installation.

Products of Hands on Lifts

Wesant is our local South African supplier and our European suppliers are Vimec (Italy) and Kleemann (Greece). We offer a range of products and are able to customise them to your bulding specifications or requests.

Here is a list a the products that Hands on Lifts supplies:

For more information on the products at Hands on Lifts visit our site below