Preventative Maintenance

Scope of work - lift servicing

To minimize downtime and protect our Client's investments, the Company will carry out a Scheduled Maintenance programme to maintain and regularly examine the entire lift in accordance with the safety specifications as set out under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (Act 85 of 1993) LIFT, ESCALATOR AND PASSENGER CONVEYOR REGULATION, 2009 which comprises of the following:

1 . Compliance with all safety aspects shall be carried out, which is the most critical function of the service.

2. Systematic checking and adjusting of all accessible parts without dismantling.

3. Lubrication of guide rails and other moving parts.

4. Main, governor and compensating rope inspections will be carried out at regular intervals, where applicable.

5. Cleaning the pit and other areas otherwise inaccessible to the lift user.

6. If small parts are required they shall be replaced by the serviceman while notification of larger items will be carried out by our Repair Department subject to price acceptance.

7. All maintenance activities shall be recorded and monitored. The records whereof shall be available for inspections by the Client in our record book kept on the premises.

8. All above maintenance steps will be carried out during the company's working hours.

Once an elevator has been successfully installed and handed over to the owner, we at Siyakhula Elevators guarantee efficient after-sales service. We have 4 service teams who carry out regular maintenance checks to ensure that your elevator is serviced and meets the standards set out by the regulating authorities. We offer monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual Service Lift Agreements

Our senior trained technicians also attend to 24-hour emergency calls for any breakdowns that might occur between services.