Our Products

Vertical Platform and Home Lifts

Ideal product for homes or office buildings. Available from two to five floor stops, getting around will be far easier with this well-designed, versatile and tailored product.

Passenger Elevators

If you are looking for a passenger elevator of high quality, a world class design and that meets all safety requirements, then look no further than our passenger elevators.

Goods Hoists

We focus on offering high-quality access goods lifts with maximum safety and efficient functionality. Goods hoist lifts are ideal for industrial use in retail outlets, mines, warehouses, manufacturing plants and other industrial settings where efficient lifting equipment is required.


Our dumbwaiter solutions are produced from our local supplier, Wesant. Our dumbwaiter solutions provide maximum efficiency and safety and can be used in a multitude of buildings. Please click below to find out more about the dumbwaiters we can offer.

Freight Elevators

Moving to more heavy-duty requirements, our freight elevators can meet your requirements. Installed in hospitals, clinics, industrial buildings, plants, warehouses, showrooms and more, these freight elevators are extremely durable, reliable and meet all health and safety requirements.

Car Parking Systems

Siyakhula Elevators is expanding into the car parking system industry. We provide a simple, cost-effective way to store and park two cars. Suitable for permanent or long-term parking, car storage or valet parking, these solutions are a game-changer in this industry.

Incline Platform Lifts

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor staircases, this range of platform stairlifts provides safe access to all private and public premises. Designed for user comfort, they can safely and easily provide access from one level to another.

Chair Lifts

Your home holds all your memories, affections and comforts, so the staircase should not be seen as a challenge or reason to leave your home. Please see our chair lifts below.