Premium Range

With offering a high end home lift as part of our eco range we have a separate offering of premium products, this range of products allows for our in house design team to sit down with you and configure a custom lift to your preferences. Our in house team will source materials for you that suit your aesthetic design requirements and incoporate this into the design of the home lift. If you are looking for the latest designs in lifts that are above the rest then meet with our design team to custom configure your lift to your specific requirements.

Custom Interiors

Our in house design team can source local materials to customise the interior of your home lift. We also have teamed up with De Castelli in Italy to offer some of the highest quality materials for the interior of your home lift. The premium range offers a bespoke design and one of a kind lift experience for you.

Specialised Products

With a product range that caters for al different designs, our team works closely with the top architectural firms in South Africa and abroad to seamlessly design the perfect solution for your lift. With our vast knowledge of design styles we can assist in offering a solution to fit any design you would envision. Round lifts, square lifts, full glass lifts, cantilever lifts, and so many more. Sit down with our design team and have a coffee on us to bring to life the design of your lift.