Passenger Elevators

Rather than thinking of the elevator as a box, Siyakhula Elevators think of it as a unique space in the building and transforms the whole experience into a new value for the passengers, the building and the environment. For use in a variety of buildings such as offices, shopping centres, hotels, business centres, airports, universities and libraries. Our sales team would be able to recommend which unit best suits your needs. Please feel free to contact them to see a brochure, answer any questions you may have or for a site visit to consult on the best solution for you.

Passenger Lift

  • Load capacity: 400-1 000kg
  • Speed(m/s): 0.4/1.0/1.6
  • World class design
  • Meets European safety standards

Product Brochures

Product Brochure Passenger Lift Passenger Lift