Freight Elevators

Our freight elevators can carry various load weights. Starting at 1 050kgs right up to 5 000kgs, our freight elevators are equipped with high quality, gearless motors and inverters to guarantee outstanding performance, excellent ride quality and low energy consumption for commercial and industrial uses.

Goods Lifts

Siyakhula Elevators' goods passenger lifts are extremely durable and can be adapted to suit any project requirements. These lifts can handle loads up to 15,000kg, which makes them the perfect solution for industrial buildings, plants, warehouses, supermarkets or shops.

Bed Lifts

Siyakhula Elevators' Bed Lifts are the ideal solution for hospitals or clinics. With their flexible design, they can be adapted to meet all health and safety requirements.

Car Lifts

Siyakhula Elevators' Car Lifts allow for maximum durability. They provide smooth and quiet movement for both cars and passengers and can lift up to 6 tons.